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Funeral Advice You Can Trust 

You probably know a lot more about how to buy a car or a refrigerator than a funeral. And, while you would check reviews and shop around for those things, it probably never crossed your mind that you could shop around for a funeral, right? Most people use the one they used before – even if they weren’t happy, and the rest use the one nearest one – though proximity is no measure of quality or value. And, where do most people go to get advice about funeral planning? A funeral home! And, while most funeral directors are compassionate, caring people, they are salespeople running a for-profit business!

Did You Know?

  • Prices vary enormously from one funeral home to the next. Even for the same thing!
    • Direct cremation ranges from $550—$5,065!
    • A plain cardboard cremation box can cost you $20—$671!
    • Driving the body from the place of death to the funeral home? $175—$785! 
    • A graveside service? $100—$1,295!
  • You shop online for almost everything, but good luck here because only 6% of NJ funeral homes post their prices online.
  • We recently asked every funeral home in NJ for their price list. 28% sent them right out (yay you!). 14% needed two asks and another 14% needed three to seven asks! A whopping 30% didn’t respond or outright refused. Aren’t they trying to sell something? Can you imagine calling a restaurant and asking them to send you a menu and being told “The menu is really too complicated for the layperson to understand” or “we don’t give out the menu unless you come in person to get it.” That’s what we hear over and over.

But, lucky you – You found us! We can give you the information you need to have the funeral you want, for the price you want.

Listen to this funeral planning webinar!

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Princeton (FCAP) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organization that is not associated with the funeral industry. We provide objective support, education and advocacy. We offer tools to empower you to make informed, thoughtful decisions about funeral and memorial arrangements before they are needed.

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